History of Modern Stand-Up Comedy
by Wayne Federmanhttp://splitsider.com/2015/09/from-sullivan-to-ck-a-history-of-modern-american-standup-comedy-in-10-steps/

And Punching The Clown

World Premiere

South by SouthWest 2016

What’s New 2018

Jan 7

HBO Golden Globes party

Jan 12

Artios Awards w/ Tig Notaro

Jan 20

Story Worthy - Danny Zucker

Improv Lab 7:30

Jan 20

Hollywood Improv


Jan 24

Top Ten Podcast Taping

Top 10 ’70’s Films

Jan 28

Rock Solid Podcast

The Eagles

Feb 3

DGA Awards w/Judd Apatow

Feb 9

Hollywood Improv 8pm

w/ Kevin Pollak

Feb 14

Improv Lab

Valentines Show

FEB 15

WGA Theater

Milk and Funny Screening

Feb 16

Dynasty Typewriter

w/ Kevin Pollak, Margaret Cho

Feb 18


Feb 23

Hollywood Improv 10:30

w/ Laurie Kilmartin

FEB 26

Podcast Taping

Never Not Funny

Feb 27

Vitellos, Studio City

w/ Billy Gardell, Wendy Leibman, Henry Phillips

Feb 27

Comedy Store


w/ Jeff Ross, Brian Moses

March 3


Flappers - Burbank w/ Conan O’Brien, Paul F. Tompkins, Jon Hamm  

March 5

Three of Clubs

Private Benefit

March 9

Sirius XM Taping

w/ Sarah Silverman, Judd Apatow

March 10

TopTUNE (judge)

FanaticSalon, Culver City 8pm

March 16

Podcast Taping

Road Stories w/ Murray

March 25

Comedy Store

Cystic Fibrosis Benefit w/ Richelle Meiss, Whitney Cummings

March 26/27

The Zen Diaries of 

Garry Shandling

HBO 8pm

April 1

Angel City Brewery


w/ Edi Patterson, J. Keith Van Straaten

April 7

MARAVICH Documentary

ABC 3pm

April 7

Hollywood Improv

Dana Carvey, Carol Leifer

April 8

Podcast Taping

Hindsight w/ Daniel Van Kirk

April 8

UCB Sunset

Internet Explorer w/

Joe Kwaczala, Samm Levine,

Autumn Reeser

April 9

Dave Smith The Sports God

Sirius XM 205

April 13

Filming Alone Together

April 30

Hollywood Improv

7pm, $5

USC Standup Showcase

May 18

Jeff Garlin Show

Improv Lab 9pm

May 19

Eat, Pray, F--K,

Hollywood Improv 8pm

May 26

Dynasty Typewriter


June 12

Barbara Heller Show

June 9

Hollywood Improv 10pm

June 26

Comedy Store

ADL Benefit

July 7

Laugh Factory 7:30

w/ Kirk Fox, Dane Cook

July 14

Comedy Cellar, 10:55

McDougal Street

July 15

Comedy Cellar, NYC

Village Underground 10:05

July 15

The History of Comedy


July NYC


Dec 26-30

Lake Tahoe

Harrahs Casino